04 March 2013 - It lives!!!

Posted by Ross (04 March 2013  21:37)
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23 December 2011 - Some Albums released this year...

In no particular order...

Posted by Ross (23 December 2011  14:28)
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11 October 2011 - What's gahn urn?

Still not sure what to do with the site to be honest... getting this place going again just seems like hard work :-(

Twitter is just too easy...

Shame - we had a good little community hewre prior to the old fire :-(

You never know - this may all change one of these days... or it might not... ;-)

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23 August 2011 - The Tanners Arms

The Tanners Arms Alnwick is now under new management - our very own Beezer G aka Ben Greener!

Acoustic nights are moving to the last friday of the month, but will be continuing to be a great night for everyone :-)

The Jukebox is back as well - huzzah!!!! So, great music and great beer - can't think of anything better myself :-)

The Tanners Arms

Posted by Ross (23 August 2011  19:12)
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03 October 2010 - One Year...

Ok - so it's been a whole year since the last post on here. Does anyone still visit? Is it worth even keeping the site going? What the hell should I do with the site?...

Not a clue myself to be honest, spending most of my time these days on Twitter and occasionally Facebook - doesn't seem to be worth carrying on with my own site to be honest...

Anyway - if anyone is still there, please comment. If not, I'm gonna have to work out what I'm gonna do with the old girl :-)

Posted by Ross (03 October 2010  20:09)
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